shark_hat (shark_hat) wrote,
List post: Things that I have been doing when I have not been updating my blog

Mostly nothing.
Seeing Alexei Sayle, Stewart Lee, and the Hitchhiker's Live Tour (before its untimely demise).
Not seeing a couple of other things I'd booked, because STRESS and needing to go home and eat soup.
Rereading comfort books (see STRESS) while still buying new books, and thus building up a big to-read pile (though that's OK because I can't buy any books now till after Xmas, so I can go through what I already have).
Not getting blown away by the storm.
Helping Sibling unpack a moving van.
Pulling out michaelmas daisies.
Watching the Food Network.
Reading old Copperbadge fics.
Not painting the house.

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