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Because I downloaded a bunch of fic yesterday in preparation for going away next weekend, have some recs from Yuletide 2013! (They're mostly 1-2,000 words or so; they tend to the funny or fluffy rather than angsty but check each one's own tags if you're feeling fragile.)

Anne of Green Gables-Valdemar crossover

Stealing the Elf-King's Roses- a vignette, the start of a new case from after the end of the book.

Rivers of London, no Broken Homes spoilers.

Queen's Thief, set sometime after The Queen of Attolia.

Sabriel series, spoilers for the last book.

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter (MIWDTD Tumblr)

Tale of Time City, Elio's backstory

Companion To Wolves, spoilers for the second book (they're writing the third book now, yay.)

Wild Magic, Tamora Pierce- Cloud babysitting Kitten

Hitchhiker's Guide, Ford/alcohol and Ford/Arthur

Sarah Caudwell's mysteries- Julia has the misfortune to be photographed at the premises of a client whose tax problems arise from the large profits he makes in the, ahem, audiovisual entertainment industry.

Galaxy Quest

Dalemark Quartet, origin myths for Libby Beer

Dalemark Quartet-Time Team crossover

Crown Duel duet, spoilers for both books

Chrestomanci Castle, spoilers for Charmed Life only

Harry Potter-Would I Lie To You RPF crossover (gen)

Black Books

Black Books-Harry Potter crossover ("Bernard? Why is there an owl in the shop?") This one's longer, about 8,000 words.


Addams Family (films)

(And I haven't read all of this one yet but it looks good-

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