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Playlist shuffle meme sheepery

Comedy playlist:

Lawrence Owen, Empowered
Amateur Transplants, Eternal clerking
Ozzy Fudd, Kill the rabbit
Bill Bailey, Jean-Michel Jarre
Bonzo Dog Band, Death-cab for cutie
Reeves and Mortimer, Vienna
Tom Lehrer, Smut
Flanders and Swann, Song of reproduction
PDQ Bach, Echo sonata for two unfriendly groups of instruments
Otis Lee Crenshaw, Fattening up

(… pretty representative, yes- though no Mitch Benn, who's at the top of my "most plays" list. The first one of his in the shuffle seems to be "West End musical" at no. 18.)

Background music playlist:

Crash Test Dummies, Two nights and maidens
Stereophonics, Traffic
Aretha Franklin, Never loved a man (the way that I love you)
Alice Cooper, Bed of nails
The Beatles, Fool on the hill
They Might Be Giants, Hot cha
Catatonia, For Tinkerbell
Blondie, Call me
The Kinks, Victoria
Kaiser Chefs, You can have it all

(also pretty representative, in that it's fairly incoherent- I've never collected one genre or another, it's just what I happened to hear and quite like at some point.)

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