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long time no see

There was a wren in the garden this morning!

Went to see Opera North's Figaro last night, which was excellent- go if it comes to your city and you like opera at all, lovely set design/staging, funny (the "This is my mother? Oh God, really?" scene was excellent), good acting, good singing, a great time all round. Reminded of how much I love the trios and quartets.

There was a televised Figaro in English in the nineties which was fun, with the Count as a nasty Tory MEP, which I was pleased to find on youtube when i came home and wanted to see the opera all over again. (I must admit I slightly want to get Mark off of Mark Does Stuff to watch it to see him getting agitated about what a privileged git the Count is!)
( from Glydebourne, in Italian, with subtitles)

I finally browsed through this year's Yuletide fics; here are the ones I liked enough to keep.

Mostly 2-5000 words, though a couple are quite long. No sad endings, I think; mostly they're funny or fluffy. A couple are explicit, many are gen (check AO3 tags for work-safety). Collection development: a book, a catalogue and an archive walk into a bar... TRACER BULLET IS A TERRIBLE NAME FOR A PI; Calvin and Hobbes grown up and in the detective business. Doctor Who and the Pub of Almost Certain Doom; Doctor Who and the Case of Fatal Death futurefic. El-ahrairah and the Litter of Kittens; a story told in a burrow in Efrafa. Spirits; Black Books- is the bookshop haunted? Terminus; The Sharing Knife, set during the original Malice War 50 Shades of Gus; Drop the Dead Donkey, Gus, BDSM, as creepy-funny as it sounds. Five Times Howl and Calcifer Came to an Agreement…; a fire demon, a magician, a contact renegotiation. Communion of Saints; Chalion books, a look at a small saint of the Mother. Sky-Bound and Sprinting; Raksura- teaching Bitter to fly again Share and Share Again; Raksura, Moon/Chime/Jade threesome. The Emerald Band; 27,000 words, set in Neil Gaiman's Study in Emerald universe (Sherlock Holmes-Cthulu crossover)- chilling stuff. Brains; the zombie apocalypse catches up with Bottom. Mrs Harry Biscuit's Book of Household Decorum; Bleak Expectations fic! (OK, you should all read the fic because it's hilarious, so here's as much background as you really need: This is a radio Dickens parody, starring Phillip "Pip" Bin- a crotchety elderly man telling the story of his orphaned boyhood running from his evil guardian, Mr Gently Benevolent, with his sister Pippa and his best friend Harry Biscuit, and how they grew up to invent the bin and the biscuit and become rich.) Qualifications; Ghostbusters- Janine goes for a job interview Grapeshot Through The Heart; Pirate Captain/His Nemesis- amazing story, based on this amazing Hark A Vagrant comic about a naval captain and a pirate deeply in loathe with each other Good at Ordinary; Chrestomanci, some glimpses of Millie between Conrad's Fate and The Lives of Christopher Chant Enchanters' Inheritance; Cat thinks about Gwendolyn. Unstable; Tale of Time City- Vivian's mother comes to the City. The Piper; Pamela Dean's Tam Lin- Janet's younger brother and sister are at Blacklock College seven years later. Minor Poetry; wedding night from Busman's Honeymoon. Gentle Antidote; Lord Peter Wimsey books, soulbond mark AU; Harriet turns 21 and the name "Wimsey" appears on her arm… An Afternoon's Adventure; The Dowager Duchess of Denver has a letter from her old school friend Jane Marple. The Good Morrow; Point of Hopes series, Philip and Nicholas' first night out. Kisses Don't Last; Pratchett, post-Monstrous Regiment, Polly/Mal. Carol Of the Bells; Abhorsen series, a vignette for each bell as Sabriel grows up Solitary as an Oyster; IT Crowd, Scrooge AU, Roy learns no lesson at all. The Mystery of the Egyptian Curse; Lynes and Mathey series (a Victorians-with-magic series- urban fantasy rather than steampunk- a lawyer and a jobbing magician fight crime) Night of Yes and No; Steerswoman series, Bel/Rowan, travelling, astronomy and comparative literature. Fair Winds and Homeward Sail; Austen's Persuasion from the point of view of Mrs Croft (Captain Wentworth's sister).

A little subcategory of RPF Actively Beneficial for Dental Health; QI, gen, futurefic; series X is dragging rather, who would have thought you could spend half an hour on xylitol? I DID Lie To You… Would I Lie To You, Brooker/Mitchell, alien artefact made them do it. The Malteser Falcon; Great British Bakeoff noir private eye AU, Mel/Sue.

I knew people would finally write some Victorian Farm fic! Yay! Physical Remains; a year on the farm (Alex/Peter) Hiding in the Hayloft; Peter surprises Alex with a book of Edwardian erotica Sign of the Times; Peter has a crush on Ruth (utterly sweet)

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