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OK so this is not a review of the Reeves and Mortimer tour, because I am incapable of objectively reviewing them, because I never really defined myself by the music I loved like a lot of teenagers did, but R&M was I think my version of the band that makes your parents go "how can you even listen to that rubbish?" and it's YOURS. I still love a lot of the comedy that I watched with my parents- Victoria Wood is brilliant- but Big Night Out came out when I was 15 and my parents were, like, what's funny at all about this?, and they're surreal and very stupid and amazing (and there are bits that fall flat for me. I'm not sure I'll ever find farting as funny as many male comics do.)

But so yeah, that means that finally getting to see them live on the reunion tour is like catnip, and I just grinned all the way through and yelled "What's on the end of the stick, Vic?" (The Man With The Stick had retired but Terry had stolen his pension) and sang "Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice, see how fast the bastard turns" ("What are the charges?" "Trumped up!"), and laughed at a really terrible kilt-based/dancing joke [1], and squeaked slightly while they were hitting each other about the head with frying pans and Bob went "shit, sorry Vic" when he actually connected, and there were a couple of extra lines at the end of "Summer of 75", and they filmed a new bit of Free Runners, and Vic put a Caramac under a squirrel and played a dummy arm as a flute, and there was a big midden, and a crab who was an expert on Scottish geology, and Laughs From Lard, and dancing "like Bez, the happiest of the Mondays", and going off script and giggling, and fall-based chaffing that necessitated a plaster with the lyrics from Let It Go on it, and Action Image Exchange, and jokes about Bob's heart surgery, and I had a brilliant brilliant time (and so did about 3,000 other people) but nobody should go who isn't a fan because it would hurt the brain.

[1] Involving a pun on ballroom

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