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The Braineater Gazette & Clarion

incorporating Shark Journal and Millinery Monthly

Friend (or defriend) at will. I'm running out of time in the day to read LJ, so friending back isn't guaranteed.

1066 and all that, 1948 show, absolutely, alt.fan.pratchett, anne fadiman, anne fausto-sterling, anthropology, armando iannucci, baroque choral music, ben goldacre, bill bailey, bill bryson, biology, blackadder, buffy, caroline stevermer, charlotte macleod, children's books, colette, comedy, cooking, daniel kitson, dara o'briain, dave barry, dave langford, diana wynne jones, dick and dom, doctor who, dorothy heydt, dorothy l. sayers, douglas adams, eddie izzard, elizabeth david, essays, evolution, fantasy, father ted, fist of fun, flanders and swann, foley and mccoll, fry and laurie, gardening, garth nix, genetics, george orwell, georgette heyer, gerald durrell, harry potter, hignfy, history, horrible histories, isihac, isirta, jane austen, jane grigson, jeremy hardy, jo brand, jo walton, john donne, josie long, ken macleod, lois mcmaster bujold, m*a*s*h, making light, margaret mahy, margery allingham, mark watson, martha wells, melissa scott, michael innes, michel de montaigne, milton jones, missing london, mitchell and webb, mock the week, monty python, mrs beeton, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, natalie haynes, nigel molesworth, noel fielding, not only but also, outdoor shakespeare, p.g. wodehouse, palaeontology, pamela dean, pappy's fun club, patricia wrede, paul merton, physics, prairie home companion, q.i., radio 4 comedy, radio 7, red dwarf, richard dawkins, richard fortey, richard herring, robin ince, robin mckinley, rosemary kirstein, ross noble, sarah caudwell, science fiction, sei shonagon, sherwood smith, simon munnery, singing, spaced, staynes and storey, stewart lee, terry pratchett, the comedy store players, the comic strip presents, the fast show, the goodies, the goon show, the home front, the league of gentlemen, the man from u.n.c.l.e, the mary whitehouse experience, the mighty boosh, the muppets, the peak district, the reduced shakespeare company, the right size, the young ones, tom lehrer, tony law, uk.rec.sheds, unitarianism, ursula le guin, vic and bob, victoria wood, virginia woolf, wilty, zoology